"Want More Affiliates To Promote Your Launch...?"

Dear JV,

You worked hard to create the best possible product for your customers...

You KNOW it's going to help people... and you know it will sell well if you can just get it in front of a mass crowd...

... but ... even the best product in the world is not gonna go very far if no one sees it.

And that's not something you want to leave up to "chance"...

For your product to be seen you need an army of affiliates promoting shouting from the roof tops about it.

And JVonly.com's premium ads can help you with that.

Below you'll find some advertising options for you to get the word out about your launch to the growing JVonly.com community of affiliates.

Let me show you how...

Homepage Featured Listing

This is a full width detailed listing right on the homepage (above the fold) on rotation.

(It's the most visible area on the site.)

Price: $350/week which works out to be exactly $50/day.

Once you order, your listing will automatically be bumped for a full week on the homepage of jvonly.com

See you at the top!