Easy Traffic Bot

EasyTrafficBot.com – Wed 20th September 2023
Product: EasyTrafficBot.com
Contact: Matt Garrett | [email protected]
Launch Date: Wednesday 20th September 2023
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $17+ Dimesale
Commission: 50%

JV Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TloPyqJnRojFNPbx3egmvTRLifT4xN2xj1jjuSFjLL0/
Affiliate Network: JVZoo
Niche: Traffic, Affiliate Marketing, Social Marketing
Product Type: Software
Delivery Method: Download Page

Everyone needs traffic – Easy Traffic Bot taps into one of the simplest sources of free targeted traffic and automates daily clicks to your pages and offers…

Chrome extensions allow us to automate process that would otherwise be too time consuming to be practical, and getting regular free traffic from one of the biggest sources online is a perfect example!

Easy Traffic Bot pulls in targeted visitors from communities that you choose based on your niche and puts your offers and pages in front of them for you on auto pilot, whilst appearing to be totally ‘manual’ and natural.


Get Ready for a BEAST to be unleashed!

Sociible is coming!

Sociible allows your customers to create FULLY-AUTOMATED social marketing campaigns in a matter of MINUTES by leveraging other people’s AUTHORITY content for unlimited, hands-free traffic, leads and profit – in ANY niche!

WITHOUT Having To Pay For Ads, WITHOUT ANY SEO, WITHOUT Needing A Website Or Hosting

PLUS we Have over $10,000 in Prizes

This will be HOT!!!

Video Press

Product: Covert Video Press V3
Contact: Matt Garrett
Launch Date: Tuesday 29th August 2023
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $27
Commission: 50%
JV Page: http://covertvideopress.com/jv
Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus
Niche: YouTube, Traffic, Affiliate Marketing
Product Type: Software, WP Theme
Delivery Method: Download Page
Frontend Price: $27 Dimesale @50%
Upsell #1: Covert Video Content – $37 @50%

More Info: Build Unlimited, Free Traffic Generating Niche Video Blogs

Covert Video Press 3.0 is a tube theme for WordPress that allows you to build unlimited highly optimised video tube site. It integrates with Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe etc. so you can fill your site with videos without ever having to record a single video yourself!

Here are just a few of the exciting features in Covert Video Press 3.0
Step-By-Step wizard for setting up and customizing any part of your tube site!
Mini tutorial videos for every setting in the admin area – right where you need them when you need them!
Self-Optimising theme, showing the best converting videos first
Full integration with the big social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and of course Facebook
Inbuilt automatic traffic generation from social networks
Fully monetized with inbuilt theme ads and custom widgets
Promote and monetize your own videos or piggy back on other people’s videos
And it looks like a million bucks – plus it’s very easy to customize just the way you want it

+JV Competition – $1,000 in JV Prize Cash up for grabs!

WP Toolkit Video Magic

WP Toolkit Video Magic V4 on WarriorPlus
Launch details: Tuesday 18th Jul 2023 | 11am EST

JV Page: WPVideoMagic.com/JV/
Platform: WarriorPlus

Fed up with spending a fortune on unresponsive video hosting platforms..?

The new WP Video Magic Plugin gives you the best solution for any Blog…

This is one of our all time simplest video plugins…

It allows setting up super fast hosted video delivery via S3 & CloudFront without the complicated setup headaches.

Easy 1 Click CloudFront distribution setup that securely delivers your video to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds.

Video Shortcode Statistics that tracks how long your videos has been played.

Display timed content such as buy buttons that show up below the video at a defined point in your video.

WP Profiler

WP Profiler
Launch: 11am Thursday 1st June 2023
Platform: WarriorPlus

JV: http://wpprofiler.com/jv/
GDoc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1djvivZhsU_WI1vjsdGy0_CWK6w0YIVbtHvQdjWbRvoc/

Quick info – Speed is a Killer – More Than 50% of Visitors Leave If a Site Takes 3+ Seconds To Load You Lose Traffic – WP Profiler is a unique plugin that lets you to easily see exactly what is slowing your site down so you can fix it!

We all use multiple plugin on our sites, but not always plugins are equal, some hog resources and slow your site to a crawl, examine your site load profile in detail to identify the problems plugins…

DFY Suite 5.0

One our BEST Sellers is BACK!! With $1,450,000 in sales with this PROVEN seller We continue to make it BETTER! 

Not only can Your Customers Get FREE, Targeted BUYER-Traffic In 48 Hours Or Less By Leveraging The BEST High-Quality, Done-For-You Social Syndication System…

We’ve made it WAYYY better for version 4.0!

In 3.0:

DFY Suite is now the leading provider for DFY Rankings via social syndication on a GLOBAL level with support in ALL the major languages around the world
We’ve expanded our network to include over 1,000 high-quality sites with servers with IP’s on a GLOBAL level to deliver even MORE results to our users
AND we’ve also added A.I content generation to go along with ALL of our users campaign to deliver even BETTER and FASTER results!
Plus as always We’ve simplified the power of leveraging social syndication by removing ALL the work on the users part and DOING IT ALL FOR THEM!

No software to install or learn
No social accounts to create
No captchas or proxies to pay for
NONE of the traditional things that come with high-quality syndication.
It’s ALL being served up to them on a SILVER-platter so they can just focus on RESULTS instead of the “grunt” work..

We’ll also be having a strong local angle as we’ll be including agency rights on the front end so they can use our platform for their clients campaigns as well with full, downloadable reporting 

Project Platinum

I’m so excited to announce the upcoming 2023 dates for the Project Platinum launch!

This launch is all about helping people reach Platinum on Clickbank which means doing over $250,000 online in one year.

To date we’ve helped over 100 people become Clickbank Platinum and it’s our goal to help everyone that joins Project Platinum reach that goal as well.

This is a brand new angle, brand new course and brand new software designed to help even more people have success.

My students have done over $100,000,000 on Clickbank to date and I know that Project Platinum will supercharge success for everyone involved.

Super Affiliate A.I

Andrew and Chris Fox  – Bring You ‘Super Affiliate AI”

From the owners of Zapable  – Over $3 million sold of ONE product on JV Zoo alone

A new technology that combines the power of AI to create automated ‘done for you ‘ affiliate campaigns –

We will offer exclusive bundle deals via webinar  + Front End Sales Sale – This will convert like CRAZY!


PROFILEMATE 2023  – $10,000 Prizes – March 1st at 9 AM ET – Updated JV Page Coming Feb 12 🙂

Hey team!  Profilemate 2023 is here – the number 1 social media automation & guaranteed lead generation software seller EVER on JV Zoo.

Profilemate also has the number 1 recurring stick rate of any social media tool, still paying out tens of thousands of dollars a month years after the original launch of version 1.0

This tool is the holy grail of list building with instagram in my opinion & access IS READY NOW for you – If you use this and don’t get 100+ emails of ready to email leads ethically within an hour, i’ll pay you 100 bucks – big call i know, so get ready for this one 😉

PROFILEMATE allows you to enter ANY account/location/hash tag or profile & have Profilemate go through ALL of the followers of the profile, photo’s posted in a location OR photos hash tagged & then pull the KEY information given such as emails (1 in 10 users have their emails as public), phone numbers, locations & many other details for you to then mass contact & convert ethically.

Now with Profilemate 2023 we have been running this for over 3 years & included many new features for YOU to market. On average those who promote during launch will 2-3x their launch week profits within 3 months due to our recurring that STICKS.


PROFILEMATE is a tool I made for Instagram to:
– Allow users for the first time ever find out a LOT of information regarding their own audience, competitor audience or any like minded page – allowing users to drive targeted, engaged leads to any page they like.
Build extremely large targeted leads from email lists, phone numbers, addresses using information that users provide if they want to be contacted – i.e. 1 in 10 users give their email address to be contacted.
Instagram is a unique platform allowing users to SEE who follows (by clicking on the followers of any page) and engages (through likes and comments of any post). To MANUALLY go through every profile, write down the details, check engagement scores, write down emails, numbers and phone numbers on a page that has 10k, 100k or 1 mill+ followers would take a lifetime.
This is where PROFILEMATE was born – to automatically do the hard work for you and deliver you these results.
-Once i have an idea like this, i then BUILD onto it to ensure it works for Ecom, Local Marketing, affiliate marketing & offline business – this is a BIG tip for anyone launching a product – if you want BIG numbers in the MMO space, don’t focus your launch on ONE niche.
this then lead to the creation of not just searching profiles, but also locations AND hash tags, meaning you can build local market analytics and leads as well as hash tag specific niches (#dogs, #fitness etc) which is perfect for ecom.
PROFILEMATE then grew to be a tool that just analyses profiles and builds leads of people who actually want to be contacted, to a tool that can break down the most targeted users following a page, top performers, influencers, pages that need help, profiles dominating in any niche and much more.
As usual we also created a FULL SUITE of launch week bonuses that make this the all in 1 insta marketing tool of 2020. This is a first to market software as many features of insta we connect to are only new this year
I mentioned earlier on that I would do a FULL breakdown of the launch process and you can see on my FACEBOOK PROFILE HERE
Also previously mentioned I’m sharing how my last launch has remained a top seller every day for over a year with zero recurring in the funnel – i’ll be doing this for profilemate also (and showing you how i do it live) – promoting this literally will give you the best chance to make commissions not just now but for a LONG time after launch – just like our partners who promoted my last launch 🙂
Anything you need please reach out to me also and i’ll create a group with

Simon Harries and i to look after you 24/7.
I’m SO excited for this one team. Let’s GET IT TEAM!
Luke Maguire

MarketPresso DFY Edition

It’s been over 1 year when we last launched MarketPresso. A lot of new customers have come into the market who would see it for the first time & would love to get it. We did $130,000 in the 2.0 launch when we launched it just 60 days after the 1st launch. This time it’s been over a year. The angle & funnel of the product is exactly what Jvzoo customers want. The launch is gonna convert like mad.  

The Wholesale Formula

1) A Well-Oiled, 7-Figure Marketing Machine

TWF came into fruition when my business partner Dan and I learned Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. Jeff’s program became the foundation of how we did most of our business, including how we’d promote our program The Wholesale Formula. Since learning his sales methods and applying them to our businesses, we’ve sold over $36 million on Amazon and done over $25 million in sales of TWF. Combined, we’ve sold over $61 million worth of stuff on the internet since 2015… These days, we still learn closely from Jeff as part of his mastermind and understand the strategies that allow us to consistently achieve 7-figure launches with unprecedented EPLs around $104.

2) Get Paid What You Deserve

When it comes to commission, we don’t mess around. Instead of spending money and time on coming up with crazy prizes that may or may not appeal to you, we guarantee you something that will…. Money. That’s what we’re all here for anyway, right? We pay above industry standard because we value our affiliate partners and want them to be rewarded for the hard work they put into helping more people. In 2022, the price of enrollment in The Wholesale Formula increased to $2,997, which means you’ll earn at least $1,498.50 per sale (and more on payment plans).

3) We’ll Make It Easy For You

Don’t know the first thing about selling on Amazon? No problem… You don’t need to! We’ll give you everything you need so you can promote The Wholesale Formula with confidence that you are truly helping people change their lives. Our Affiliate Support Team will arm you with tons of resources and tell you exactly what to do and when to do it to make the most out of your time and effort in promoting this launch. Some of the things we provide our affiliate partners with are: 1) a guide of what TWF is about, what it teaches, and why it works, 2) a list of everything included in enrollment of TWF and all our bonuses, 3) customer FAQs and how to overcome objections, 4) affiliate partner FAQs, 5) a detailed schedule of what to promote and when to promote it, 6) your own affiliate portal login where you can track your leads and sales, 6) hundreds of TWF testimonials at your disposal, 7) graphics, branding, logos, pictures, and much, much more. We don’t just leave you hanging or expect you to ‘figure it out’ all on your own. Our team will update you daily throughout the launch and is here to answer questions anytime you have them. You’ll have our complete support.

4) Help People Achieve The Life They’ve Always Dreamed Of

The Wholesale Formula actually works. And no, not just for people already running e-com businesses. Anyone, no matter their background, can go through our training program and build a business that works for them. A business that creates true passive income, allows them to quit their job, work from home, outsource the day-to-day, and escape the binds of working to make someone else rich. Click here to see what some of our students have to say about how TWF changed their lives.